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What is TLI?

The Freedom Institute's "Transformative Leadership Initiative" is a six-month leadership development journey grounded in the belief that our communities and their people will benefit by investing in leaders who have already demonstrated leadership abilities within the community. The program is built on a framework of five values intended to nurture balance in leaders' lives that leads to less burnout, turnover, and more significant community impact. 


First, participants are carefully selected to engage in 100% tuition-sponsored training. Then, they proceed through a series of five lessons to gain practical values to help them reach their maximum potential. 


Next, each participant becomes a member of a close-knit cohort, a group of like-minded leaders from across the Western Slope, and attends one three-hour workshop per month. 

Finally, program participants will write a "breakthrough plan" that they will share with co-members of their cohort. We hope that the cohort you are part of can be a lasting community that supports and nourishes your leadership journey for the long term.

We will take a deep dive into each core value and seek to understand how the values work cohesively together to support a strong, healthy leader. 

Balance (February, 24th 2022)

Accountability (March,  31st 2022)

Interdependence (April, 28th 2022)

Empowerment (May, 26th 2022)

Leverage (June, 30th 2022)

Each meeting will be held from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm once a month. In addition, there will be about 1.5 hours of homework for the initiative monthly.  

Every time we gather as a group, TFI intends to model our value for community leaders by having excellent content, great food, and meaningful discussion. There are not many places leaders can go and feel celebrated for all they do for our community. We hope this is that place!

Participants in TLI will reexamine their leadership approaches and envision new organizational structures that they never even knew were possible. As a result, leaders will come out on the other side of this training, reenergized and better equipped to lead and grow organizations built for sustained vitality and success.

Leaders will also have more meaningful connections that support the development of a shared vision amongst those who have a passion for the marginalized in our community. We will work with the community to determine, “What kinds of things can we do better together than alone?


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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